A dat based cryptocurrency

We are planning to develop a cryptocurrency that allows to pay individuals that store and share dat content.
Is anyone interested by the concept?

As a content creator and distributor, I’d be more interested to participate in the service if it didn’t involve a cryptocurrency scheme. As a potential host, I’d feel the same way.

How do you envision this working? There are a number of challenges. You’d somehow need to prove that X number of hosts are actually storing and serving useful parts of a Dat. You’d also somehow need to ensure ASN diversity among the paid peers hosting a Dat. I don’t want to pay for 10 hosts operated out of the same network, for example.

I was thinking, it could be designed as a proof of stake chain were each user paying for hosting can produce blocks. The user paying for hosting checks that a hoster actually serves a dat content and if his satisfied he pays the hoster. On the other hand, if the hoster is not getting payment in the address of his choosing he drops hosting.

I’m pretty sure you could make this proof-of-concept on an existing blockchain with smart contracts. That would be a much quicker way to test the idea than making a whole new blockchain.

Personally, I like the idea. I’m a big fan of Althea, which incentivizes p2p routing with crypto micropayments. Your plan is to do the same, just for hosting dating instead of routing it. This could be an answer we are missing in “How do you encourage seeding?”.

But again, making a whole new blockchain just for this one application is a gross waste of effort. Especially for your minimum viable product. There are literally hundreds of blockchains out there, we don’t need a new one, and most wouldn’t notice. Build it on eth with the help of some DAOists, and you’d see a lot more adoption.

There’s two projects working on something similar:

https://ara.one/ is focused on content distribution and getting consumers of content to pay creators. They have their own token for it.

Another is https://github.com/playproject-io/datdot which is working on a sort of proof of storage to make sure your content is being replicated. I think they’re building it on top of Polkadot


Thanks for sharing those projects, @rangermauve!

I think ara.one is definitely a different approach than OP is suggesting. They have a blockchain to store content, and the cryptocurrency is just the incentive. @peterson674 is saying we already have dat to store the content, we just want to incentivize it with crypto. It is kind of a chicken-or-the-egg question.

Datdot seems more in line with what OP suggested. I can’t exactly parse everything they’re shooting for as described in issue #12 but it seems very similar. However, they intend to reward seeders via many different community-specific ‘filecoins’, which seems like the wrong approach to me. I think people would see much more compensation in a commonly accepted coin like ether.

@Daniel I’m not sure if ASN diversity can be applied to dat, since the addressing scheme is completely different. But then I don’t even know how dat nodes find each other, under the hood.