Is there anyway to secure my data? From what I understand is, that if someone gets the link to my dat, my data can be downloaded without any barriers like user and password. Did I miss something?

Hi @buddyspencer. Yes, at current status, anyone with the link to your dat (discovery key) can get read access to it. I don’t know what are the ongoing discussions around authentication on the project but I have seen that under the banner of the new “multiwriter” work, authentication is being left to the application developers (see There is also something to read on this over at Hope that helps.

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:wave: Beaker dev here. Within the next year or so, Dat will get “authenticated connections.” It’ll be possible to use that to only replicate a dat’s data to a list of approved peers. We’ll probably add some kind of permissions listing within the hyperdrive so that the recipients of a dat know to follow the same list.


@decentral1se thanks for answering my question.
@pfrazee thanks for the information. I’ll keep an eye on the project :smile:

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