Beaker closed beta invite?

I’m expressing my interest in helping test this :slight_smile:

:open_hands: @pfrazee

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@trosel Great! Let me outline some steps for everybody that wants to join the closed beta:

The plan is to personally onboard each person so that I can address bugs and also get feedback. It’ll be slow but high-signal for us, which is important (we need the feedback!).

To get in our queue, email me at or DM me on Twitter at @pfrazee. I’ll reach out when you’re up and we’ll get you onboarded.

(We’ll do this by emailing back and forth, chatting via DM, or even doing a video chat. Whatever’s convenient for yall, but would love to do a video chat so we can talk in person. Even better if we can screenshare so that I can watch you try to use the software! It’s a great way for me to learn what’s clear and what’s confusing.)

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