Dat Hack Meeting: Slides/Video/Audio/etc

Hi folks, over at https://events.datproject.org/, I’ve just seen the list of talks and session for the May 19th “Dat Hack Meeting”:

Talks and Sessions

Growing a local p2p community by Gina Giampaolo
The Unwalled.Garden protocol: How Beaker uses dat for identity, social applications, and content publishing by Paul Frazee
Getting Dat cash: fundraising can be fun by Karissa McKelvey
The future of the Dat commandline: where do we go from here? by Joe Hand
State of Dat Protocol: Roadmap for developer-facing APIs by Mathias Buus
Dat with multiplayer 3D scenes: build and distribute a 3D scene with decentralized multiplayer by Georgiy Shibaev
Metaphors for Dat: explaining p2p protocols by Eileen Wagner
Cabal: p2p chat on kappa-core by Alexander Cobleigh
Wireline: p2p collaborative parties by Maximiliano Fierro and Chris Waclawek
Writing Dat from scratch in C++ by Paolo Fragomeni

Does anyone have links to slides / video / audio / whatever to try to catch up on what looks like a great event with some really nice sessions.


Good question, @decentral1se! @rangermauve @jhand @okdistribute? :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if any of the speakers posted their slides.

It’s being tracked in the comm comm repo on github as well.

There’s a vimeo link with the recorded livestream of the event.

The thing I demoed can be found here: https://github.com/RangerMauve/aframe-dat-peers-networking


Could the 2 hours and 15 minutes of nothing in the beginning of the video be cropped to make this more accessible to people?

Why isn’t it distributed on Dat? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, plus we have a bunch of comm comm recordings that could be edited and published somewhere. :grin:

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Label the videos by date, stick them in a folder, dat share, publish the link on a landing page somewhere, ???, and :moneybag: profit.

The IPFS website contains a bunch of YouTube video embeds. It’s easier and more convenient but shouldn’t they demonstrate the use and capabilities of their own tech? #dogfooding

Aha, nice. For others: https://github.com/dat-land/comm-comm/issues/57.

Thanks! :clap:

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