[Feature Req.] "Open Containing Folder" button

Hello everyone, first post, nice to meet y’all :slight_smile:

I cannot find the location of locally seeded (i.e. unowned) dats anywhere. I did see it once in some obscure documentation or forum thread, but have since forgotten. Quite frustrating as I want to work with the files locally.

Beaker needs a button (for all dats, regardless of whether you own them or not) that opens the dat’s directory in the default file explorer. Requesting here because github is apparently for bugs, not requests, but I’d be happy to make an issue there, too, if it’s better for developer discussion.

Thanks :smile:

(Also if anyone can tell me where local seeds are stored I’m still lost…)

Hey Kris!

By default, Beaker doesn’t create a local folder for the dats. (They’re all saved as internal data structures.)

The new version of hyperdrive has a FUSE daemon which will be an optional addition to Beaker (eventually!). Once that’s in there, we could add this feature no problem.

Will that work for you?



Ahhh, that’s probably some of the files I was looking at then. Thanks for explaining that to me. I guess I imagined the documentation I thought I saw.

Hyperdrive is not something I’ve delved into, but I definitely think I might have to. Having only one computer that can push changes to the dat is a difficult – I’ve gotten around it by using github to sync across devices, which is also super convenient for hosting https mirrors, but it’s not an ideal situation in my book.

So, to answer your question, I’m not sure but it definitely sounds like a worthy addition. Thanks for answering my question.

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For some reason I can’t edit my above post, so I’m necro-ing this thread, as I worked out a solution. Shared on GitHub. Someone else right under me also posted a makefile to backup & password-encrypt all your dat’s too, so that’s pretty cool.