How can I share a folder using dat and give all peers "write permission"?

How can I share a folder using dat with others and make sure all peers can write to that folder, create new files/folders, edit files, etc?

For example, A share a folder with dat share, B wanna add new files/editing some files, what dat command should B use?

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You need to give them a copy of your private encryption key. Anyone with the private key can write to and update a Dat directory. Make sure only the computers and people you want to have such access has access to the keys. You can run dat keys --help to get help with exporting and importing keys.

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Thanks for the reply!

However, I tried but found no luck :frowning:. Below are my steps:

  1. In folder A run dat share, copy discovery key
  2. In folder B run dat clone {discovery key}
  3. In folder A run dat keys export, copy private key
  4. In folder B run dat keys import, paste the private key
  5. In folder B run dat sync, then echo foo > testfile

I can see ‘testfile’ added to folder B, but nothing happened in folder A, did I do something wrong?

I wouldn’t recommend using the dat keys command because if two people edit at the same time the changes won’t be resolved and you might run into errors!

There is an new application called CoBox which builds upon hyperdrive, the database within dat, that might do what you need. See a beta version here:

Woah, where did this come from? All I’ve been hearing is hyperdrive, hyperdrive, hyperdrive – then these guys drop out of hyperspace with a full functioning solution, or close to it? Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely dig into this tomorrow.