Integrating Dat Sites with Web Monetization?

Will it be possible to add web monetization tags to dat sites and have them work correctly?


I am quite interested in payments, but have been waiting for a good solution to be found, since payments infrastructure is not one of our internal projects. I’ve had very positive impressions of ILP (the Interledger Protocol) which this standard is a part of, so I’m interested to explore this standard.

Thanks for sharing. I’ll dig into it.


Very cool link.

There are so many different projects around monetization. I like that this one aims at being a standard (supported by the W3C, not some hobo standard) and direct transfers (less middlemen).

As for whether it’s possible. They require an ID to be sent by the interledger SPSP protocol.

6.5 HTTP Headers
Contains the Monetization ID (currently referred to as requestId in the MonetizationStartEvent ) as a a UUID version 4, which the user agent generated. This header MUST always be sent on [SPSP] queries for Web Monetization.

Unfortunately it looks like the interledger standard excludes dat:

SPSP messages MUST be exchanged over HTTPS.

That said, I’ve had things work on dat that weren’t supposed to before, so it might be possible.


I love that it’s aiming for a standard as well. Brave, LBRY, etc are all walled gardens :confused:

Well, Beaker does work with regular websites too. So for example, the Coil browser extension should also work as a stopgap.

But I think it would also be a good advertisement for Beaker to include the functionality. A good way to expand the userbase perhaps :thinking:


Flattr is another potential partner that could help creators monetize Dat websites. They also have an extension that works like Coil and pays websites with a special metadata element based on a monthly subscription fee.

Beaker doesn’t support installing extensions. However, Electron does support shipping extensions that are installed by default. It could be worth bundling the Coil and Flattr extensions, and promoting their services to Beaker creators and users.

Sorry, I forgot to answer the actual question.

The extension only works with HTTP and HTTPS. This is easy to fix. Coil works fine on the DAT when you add{content_scripts: [{matches: ["dat://*/*"]}]} to its manifest file. I’m sure they’d be more than willing to do that if there was any way to install an extension in Beaker … .

It should work fine with dat-fox and Coil in Firefox, however. It loads via a HTTP gateway on localhost and the Coil extension picks up on the Payment Pointers just fine in those conditions.