Perform automated tests before writing to the feed

Is there a way to interrupt DAT before writing to the feed to pass some automated tests, and only proceed with the write if everything is ok?

If not, being such an specific use-case.
Would this be currently feasible in a custom application built using dat-node or I’ll need to go more low level to do this: hyperdrive, discovery-swarm, etc.?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, @fejnartal!

Just to clarify: what kind of tests are you talking about? What do you want to be tested? and how?

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Dat-node uses mirror folder for folder sync and there’s no easy way to add checks.

I’d suggest building up a script using dat-node to perform your tests and then run the folder sync manually.

There are hacky ways to do this (e.g. use the ignore/equals option). But it may be better suited to do this outside dat-node as suggested.