Publishing GITs and source code

Is this something that’s currently planned for the beaker browser? I was thinking, not only would I try publishing my author sites on here, but also eventually maybe use the tree formatting as an alternative to github.

Then if people want a copy of the source code, they can just create an editeable archive of their own.

At least when the Create New button issue resolves.:stuck_out_tongue:

Some kind of Git integration would be good, at least as a link to the repo.


Ah thanks, I did forget to tag it.

@LWFlouisa, you might also check out noffle’s work with hypergit, a CLI for managing and cloning peer-to-peer git repositories.

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Awesome. WIll spacing be an issue in Hypergit? (I’ve been trying to master a “ChatBot in a thumb drive” technique, to make as powerful as I can in a small amount of space.)