Rebuilding the Dat website: proposed site map

Hi! My name is Gina and I’ve been working with the Dat Foundation this summer on work related to the Mozilla Open Source Support grant that was received in August 2018. As part of this work, I’ve done an audit of existing Dat websites and am proposing a new sitemap that aims to consolidate all of our scattered sites into one site to rule them all.

Because the Dat team is geographically distributed, varies in terms of involvement, and has shifted in size and composition over the years, we currently have at least 12 websites out in the world! My goal with consolidation is to make it easier for contributors, community members, and new users to get the support and information that they need in one place, as well as improve the experience of updating and maintaining the site for those on the Dat team.

The site will render markdown content directly from its repo. As a result, building this site will also collect a fair amount of far-flung Dat content into one place of reference, and the repo will serve as the canonical data source for things like mission statements, governance, who’s on what team, etc.

This diagram illustrates my proposed site map, including which sections of the new site will replace existing sites.

I’m curious to hear the community’s thoughts on this, so let me know what you think!


I really like how you’ve organized the site map! I think this will make stuff a lot easier.

In the past I’ve slowly discovered some of these resources by having people link them randomly on IRC or from googling once I found a relevant keyword.

I think it’ll infinitely better to have this all out in the open and navigable. :purple_heart:

I’m also really excited by the various new content bubbles!


I think the forums should have a prominent placement in the “Community” section so we can have more people discovering them and posting questions there. Github is cool, but a lot of people that might want to use Dat aren’t actively using it. The number of disparate repos that have issues relating to the dat ecosystem is also kind of overwhelming. I often remember some information that I’d like to reference when talking to people, but then finding the particular repo it was posted in ends up taking way too long.


The new sitemap looks good. The current array of options is definitely dizzying, to say the least. This would be much more straightforward.

I would love a syndicated rss feed of different personal/organization blogs. Could be broken down along User Pages/Albums/Apps/Modules lines, same as the Explore page is currently, and even reach out to pages featured there to initially populate the RSS list. My blog[^1] (https mirror) is featured on the explore page but I feel like a static page, organized chronologically by signup, doesn’t do the best job of highlighting active members of the community.

Anywho, Thanks for sharing the new plan :+1:

[^1]: Oh dear, it appears Discourse doesn’t like dat:// links. How ironic. Well, if you follow the https mirror on beaker, it’ll automatically redirect you to dat://.

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Hi, it is wonderful to finally build a consistent website!

Just a question, what would be the URL of this website to rule them all?
I assume that you plan to host everything at, but I am not sure because I personally do not feel immediately that Dat Foundation is a term that covers everything related to Dat.

PS. I agree with @rangermauve, it would be great to link this Discourse forum in the Community tab :slightly_smiling_face:


Agreed! I would love to find a way to directly incorporate it into the site instead of having it live elsewhere or on a subdomain. Also agreed that GitHub is a blocker for potential community members and am striving for parity between a user encountering Dat via the website and via GitHub. That might take a lot of repo reorg though.

Another challenge! I am not sure how best to consolidate these and would love to hear ideas from y’all. Being able to provide a clear entry point on the “I want to help!” page is dependent on solving this.

I like this idea! I am a little concerned about execution; I think to successfully filter incoming feed items we’d have to have pretty strict XML guidelines, but there’s probably a way to aggregate several feeds into one to which users can subscribe.

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I think that the plan right now is to use, which I recently learned officially replaces the name “Dat Project”. I am sort of torn on this front because I liked the word “project”, but I’m also not sure if it’s quite right. Language is tough! I think that @jhand and @okdistribute would want to weigh in on this.

+1 to these plans and the sitemap

@todrobbins and I are working on finishing this up now.