Site.js and Tincan

Does anyone know how this project will be different from Beaker Browser and

I know that they are blocked by some “multiwriter” issues, and it is meant to be a command line app rather than a GUI tool.

Other than that, I don’t understand the difference.

Hey @trosel,

Tincan isn’t meant to be a browser. The goal is to encourage everyone to have their own place on the Web (own domain + hosting) in an interoperable system that’s also stupidly simple to sign up for (all without making Small Technology Foundation a new centre). Getting there is going to require not just lines of code but also partnerships with likeminded hosts and domain registrars, etc.

My goal, however, is that you should be able to use Tincan with a standard browser. Would be great to think of what we could layer on top in a Dat-aware browser like Beaker but I’m nowhere near having the time to think about that yet.

Right now, I’m working on solving the seamless deployment issue and that means I’m still working heavily on Site.js ( while I wait for some stability around multiwriter (although it might be worthwhile to bite the bullet and go with something like peer-fs if that’s not a priority at the moment… I just want to remain compatible with mainline dat if possible… anyway…) :slight_smile:

Hope that gives you some clarity (or at least that it hasn’t confused you further) :slight_smile:

PS. If you want to get a feel for Site.js (what Tincan will be built on top of), check out the tutorial I released over the weekend for creating a basic chat app with it (doesn’t use Dat, just basic WebSockets):

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Thanks for the input! I love DotJS too.

So the websites go down when you shut down your computer. How do you encourage seeding?

Will you implement a kind of social system where you can auto-seed your friends’ websites? Or perhaps make a service like Hashbase?

Also, how will you handle privacy? Isn’t your IP exposed by default when you seed things from Dat?

I think the only benefit of Beaker Browser is that it provides a GUI and is more immediately accessible to non-tech end users.

But your tools have tons of cool conveniences like the zero-config setup. I hope that you’ll be borrowing ideas from one another :stuck_out_tongue:

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