Ways to enhance Dat privacy

This is a thread to discuss methods of enhancing privacy while using Dat.

Some ideas would be to run Dat through Tor or Loki.

I don’t have specific details for how to make this happen yet, but does anyone else?

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Dat is pretty modular so you can use most of data / replication logic with any networking stack.

There was some talk about integrating i2p, but nobody’s had time to really go for it yet.

For whatever new transport, we’d ideally need to set up a distributed hash table using the transport, and use that for peer discovery and connectivity.

Having nice node.js modules for interacting with the transport would be pretty important too.

If anyone is interested in taking this on I’m up for mentoring them on how to get it done.

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The data transfer channel in Dat is already encrypted, though.

Peer-discovery happens using a different key than the content key. You can’t just inspect someone’s network activity and figure out what they’re accessing over Dat without knowing the Dat archive’s content key. This means law enforcement could potentially monitor traffic to know “bad” content keys but not the entire network.

The big problem is anonymity to other peers. Anyone you download pieces of an archive from will know you’re accessing that archive. Massive scale makes it less likely that you’ll connect to a bad peer that wants to monitor what others are downloading.

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Can you elaborate on this a bit? Why would scale solve this problem?

Say there are a thousand peers seeding a specific Dat archive. Your client would only connect to a maybe ten of those or less. So the more peers the less likely you’d connect to one wanting to monitor the other peers. By accessing and seeding a site fully or partially, you also contribute to solving the problem.

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